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A large part of our payments is handled by our Payment Service Provider Sisow. These are payments made by iDEAL, Sofort and Bancontact.
PayPal is another safe way of paying upfront. Like most reliable websites do, Sisow and Paypal use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
technology to protect personal information while sending this information over the Internet.
You will see that you are on an encrypted page, when you see a gold lock icon in the bottom right toolbar.
If Sisow or Paypal have received and checked your payment, we get confirmation and we will process your order.

You will receive your order confirmation by email. It is therefore important that you specify the right email address.
Through the order confirmation we acknowledge that the ordering procedure was successful and that we have received and processed your order.

Receive your articles first and pay later? That is possible!
Imagine you order your beautiful dress today before 17.00 (DE) or 19:00 (NL).
Your order will be sent to you the same day for free. You can safely pay with Klarna postpayment within 14 days of receipt of your order.
This payment method is possible for orders from Germany and Netherlands. If you choose to postpay, you need to fill in a number of personal details. 
On the basis of this information, Klarna will carry out a data check on the basis of their privacy statement.