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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

There is no "perfect" body shape. In fact, the ideal body shape can change based on what's "hot" at the time.
We all have different shapes and sizes. In order to look good, it is important that you know your body shape and proportions.

Once you know, you can buy the right clothing. So, how do I determine my body shape?
The easiest way is to stand in front of a full-length mirror so you can see your whole body. Look at the relationship between your shoulders, hips and waist.

Tip: Make sure the mirror is level, or is attached to the wall, so that your true form is displayed properly.
The following overview will help you determine which of the seven types of physique you have.
Bear in mind that the seven body shapes outlined below are just a guide, and not everyone fits definitively into one or another category.
It may be that you are a combination of two forms.

Diamond (also known as apple)

- A generally round appearance, with an undefined waist
- Wide hips and full thighs
- High stomach
- The high stomach is the most notable characteristic, creating the appearance of a diamond.

Clothing tips:
- Show off your cleavage with heart and V-neck tops
- You can also draw attention by adding necklaces andscarves
- Lengthen your waist by wearing wrap tops that drape softly around your bust and belly
-Boot cut pants particularly suit you
-Show off your legs with high slits, straight, pencil, tulip iaënd trumpet skirts.

Triangle (or pear)

- The width of your chest is narrower than your hips
- You may have narrow shoulders
- The lower half of your body is generally heavier (hips, thighs, buttocks)

Clothing tips
- Wear an A-line dress, or wrap dress
- Choose clothing with a visible waistline to accentuate the lower half of your body. For example, a two-tone dress with à lighter color above the waist and a darker color below the waist
- Lengthen your neck and shoulders by wearing a round neck, boat-neck or V-neck
- Wide-leg trousers make your legs look longer


- Bust and hips are of equal width, with little or no waist definition.
- Proportionally slender legs and arms - The appearance of having no hips

Clothing tips:
- Invest in clothes that make your figure look more curvaceous and feminine
- Wrap dresses, blouses or jackets with buttons and dresses with wide, flared skirts to emphasize your waist
- Asymmetrical tops divide your upper body into several pieces; this is very effective
- Pay attention to the sleeves. Butterfly and cap sleeves make your arms appear narrower and give your upper body more shape
- Straight-cut and bootcut trousers particularly suit you
- Knee-length skirts are good, for example a flared skirt with ruches
- Straight (tube) skirts or A-line skirts also suit you


- A generally round appearance, with an undefined waist
- Wide hips and full thighs
- You may have a high stomach

Clothing tips:
- Don’t wear shapeless, loose, ill-fitting clothes.
- Lengthen your body by showing your neck, with a boat or V-neck
- Accentuate your bottom half with lighter
- Colored pants or skirts and high slits.
- Emphasize the bust by wearing jewelry, to draw attention to the face and neck.


- Bust and hip measurements are equal, with a well defined waist
- Typically, the upper and lower halves of the body are equal

Clothing tips:
- Waisted dresses suit you
- Wrap, shirt or corset dresses, you can wear them all
- You look best in a somewhat tighter top
- Trousers with straight legs are perfect for you. The contrast to your curves is nicely effective.

Inverted triangle

- Relatively large bust and / or broad shoulders
- Narrow hips and slim legs

Clothing tips:
- Wear a dress with an A-line skirt, a wrap dress or a dress with a belt
- Your neck will appear longer in clothes with a V-neck, scoop-neck or shawl collar
- Trousers with wide legs - Bring a broad upper body into balance by wearing dark tops with lighter-coloured pants or skirts
- You can shift the focus away from your top, for example, by wearing interesting shoes.

Figure 8

- Your shoulders and hips are in proportion
- Your waist is visible and sets off your curves

Clothing tips:
- Accentuate your upper body with open collars, asymmetrical cuts, V-necks and details such as softly draped necklines
- Accentuate your curves with, for example, wide belts or wrap designs
- Balance out your proportions with trousers or skirts in dark colors, A-line skirts and trousers with wide legs